Auckland's Largest Gay Bathhouse and Sauna Complex torso
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The Wingate Club has a very wide range of facilities, both indoor and outdoor. We are sure you will find a favourite area amongst all the facilities available.

Remove your parking hassles with our 30-vehicle carpark providing free, discrete parking with no time limits. We are also in a quiet, discete suburban street with unlimited free and unrestricted parking.

The indoor facilities include the standard "bathhouse" facilities such as: cruise areas; private cubicles; video areas; steam sauna; and with free tea, coffee and milo in the large TV lounge.

See the Indoor page for a full list.

Our unique outdoor areas include: large swimming pool; outdoor spa; large secluded lawn; nude sunbathing; sheltered bottom courtyard; leafy hillside bush area; and legal smoking.

See the Outdoor page for a full list.

The Wingate Club is a sex-on-site venue and sexual activity is permitted everywhere except in the main lounge or in the locker room.